When I met SB Moyo I had been abused by @edmnangagwa  and SB Moyo said i will protect u from today onwards. President Mugabe knew about my issue and before he passed on he even wanted me to come out in the open bt SB Moyo advised me not to as it was not safe.

President Mugabe even offered me counseling at the time bt I refused coz I felt I couldn’t trust anyone but I’m ready to talk now. His pple started destroying my character kuvanhu.

When we started dating SB Moyo explained to me that he was HIV positive and I loved him regardless of his status.

In 2012 SB Moyo had an operation-TB of the spine and I stood by him through it all. He was not happy in his marriage and couldn’t divorce @matandamoyo because that wld have bn his 3rd marriage and the divorce wld be costly he said.

I agreed w the arrangement and wld fly to Zim every 2-3 months to be w him. I even had trouble w border security because they were wondering why my boyfriend couldn’t visit me here in Australia bt zvimwe zvanga zvisingataurike.