Grace Mugabe buries ‘demon possesed snake’ ED Mnangagwa

Grace Mugabe buries ‘demon possesed snake’ ED Mnangagwa

A demon is upon Mnangagwa, its time to kill the snake..Grace Mugabe…

Zimbabwe’s controversial First Lady, Grace Mugabe, said she will wipe out all Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters from Zimbabwe’s political map.

This was said today at a rally attended by local churches and Zanu PF supporters at Rufaro Stadium.

“Women and youths who are Lacoste members, you are dead. People must understand that there is one centre of power,” said Grace.

Nothing to smile about… Grace corners Mnangagwa clan

Mugabe taunted under fire Vice President Mnangagwa saying the best thing he can do is to go and look after his grandchildren at his farm.

Addressing church members at Rufaro Stadium today, Mrs Mugabe said the Zanu PF Women’s League would take back the Vice President slot previously occupied by Joice Mujuru.

“The  Zanu PF constituency must be amended to ensure a woman vice president. The 2014 amendment was done to accommodate VP Mnangagwa and that was a mistake. We will never repeat that mistake, President Mugabe did not want to humiliate him but took the President as a fool.” she added.

Grace added that she can as well succeed President Mugabe as VP Mnangagwa had set the precedence when he left Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe constituency seat for his wife, Cde Auxillia Mnangagwa.

There was more to come against the Midlands godfather when Grace said Mnangwagwa has always been a hypocrite and it is high time to “strike a snake’s head.”

Mrs Mugabe went on to say that the man who served and protected her husband for over 60 years is a demon possessed coward;

“Igwara murume iyeye, he is a coward, rinotya muchiriona rakadaro. I confronted him when he complained to the President about what l had said about him at a rally. I tried to make VP Mnangagwa realise that what he is doing is wrong, but a demon is upon him.”

It appears its now a matter of time before Mnangagwa is confined to the dustbins of Zanu PF history the Joice Mujuru way.

Speaking about the later, Grace Mugabe said former Vice President Joice Mujuru was even a better factionalist, adding that “he [Mnangagwa] has taken the President for granted for too long.”

She capped her unrestrained attack on the helpless VP by revealing for the first time that Mnangagwa nearly ousted Mugabe in a military coup in 1980. zimnewsnet