It has been uncovered that the car used during the raid and linked to the abduction ZINASU leader Takudzwa Ngadziore belongs to Luxon Muzvongwa (EC: 2056500A), a Sergeant stationed at Matapi Police Station.

And analysts say he has a case to answer regarding the damage of property and the assault of journalists and Ngadziore.

They say Muzvongwa, of 48 Phase 2, Eastview Park, Caledonia in Harare should explain why his vehicle is being used this way.

Meanwhile, according to Team Pachedu, a network of Zimbabwean citizens that strives to promulgate the culture of transparency, responsibility and accountability without any fear or favour, it is sad that the police are taking part in abductions.

“What do we do when Police take the lead in abductions? ZRP and ZANU-PF were all in-charge of ZINASU leader abduction yesterday.

“The sooner we take action the better and more safer we will be as ordinary citizens,” noted Team Pachedu.

The incident in question happened yesterday when Ngadziore conducted a press conference near Impala Car Rental in Harare.

He was abducted, beaten up and left for dead near Central Police Station in Harare, where he was later detained.

The journalists covering the event were threatened and had their gadgets, ie cameras, recorders, forcibly taken away from them.

Ngadziore has been demonstration against the use of a vehicle belonging to Impala Car Rental in the abduction of a journalist few weeks ago.