Former television presenter, Eric Knight got himself in trouble with the ruling Zanu PF party after he posted pictures of himself on social media garbed in an immaculate yellow suit.

Knight, who made a name for himself as a presenter on Ztv’s Ezomgido, was expelled from the party for his actions. Zanu PF UK said it was expelling Moira Knight’s yellow-suited father for showing allegiance to the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party.

Moira Knight

This was after the former broadcaster had captioned his Facebook post:

Advocate General Eric Knight says…I stand in solidarity with Zimbabwe’s citizens. This is the right direction! It’s about citizens. It’s about change. It’s about the country. The citizen is you. Sunday 20 February 2023 I will be there at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield. But above all, Register To Vote. Simuka Zimbabwe Simuka! Phakama Zimbabwe Phakama! God Bless Zimbabwe 🇿🇼! God Bless the Citizens! God Bless Africa!
In a letter addressed to Eric Knight, Zanu PF UK District’s Political Commissar, Lazarus Nyagumbo wrote:
“Your attention is drawn to your Facebook post on 15 February 2022. The Zanu PF Party UK District respect your democratic choice, shifting allegiance and loyalty to the CCC as enshrined under Sections 58(1)(2) and (67)(1)(2) of Zimbabwe Constitution 2013. Please be advised that in accordance to Zanu PF Party’s Constitution Article 10, Section 80(5) any member who willingly joins and/ or support another political party has automatically expelled himself or herself from the party and ceases forthwith to be a bona fide member. As such your membership to Zanu PF UK District has ceased immediately by operation of law.”
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