Democratic Alliance (DA), chairperson Helen Zille, has opposed the idea of expelling Zimbabweans with Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) by taking the permit away.

She says their stay in South Africa must be regularised because they have contributed immensely to the South African economy.

She also urged the South African government to give illegal immigrants a chance to regularise their status in South Africa.

“South Africa should attract foreign skilled workers and foreign entrepreneurs with financial means to start businesses in South Africa.

“Resolving the immigration situation is a complex and time-consuming process, and that a comprehensive, long-term solution is needed not populist demagoguery statements,” she adds.

Zille maintains that the Zimbabweans she knows in South Africa are highly skilled and are contributing a lot to the South African economy.

Meanwhile, South Africa is headed for a coalition government following the just ended polls which failed to produce an outright winner.

It is highly believed that the ruling party African National Congress will pick DA as a coalition partner, amid ideological differences.