State Security Minister, Owen Ncube, who is in charge of the ‘dreaded’ Central Intelligence Organisation (CIOs)’s claims that opposition parties are importing guns into the country have been questioned.

Critics say if the regime can torture and persecute unarmed civilians like Joana Mamombe, Takudzwa Ngadziore, Hopwell Chin’ono, Jacob Ngarivhume, and others how can it claim that guns are being imported under its nose without arresting the ‘so-called’ guns importers.

Ncube recently told the country through a press conference that the opposition parties in Zimbabwe were importing guns, with the intention of rebelling against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and effect regime change.

He warned that security agents are vigilant and that they won’t tolerate it or let the opposition to cause trouble in the country.

However, political analysts have questioned Ncube’s claims saying the country’s security could have arrested the ‘so-called’ guns importers at points of entry if it is true.

Prominent political analyst Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya has accused Ncube of stooping so low, in making the allegations, adding that how could the government allow the importation of guns.

“This is too low and pathetic. Why does government allow the so-called importation of guns?

“why not arrest these people at points of entry?

“Ruling class without ruling ideas, coercion without consent. That’s not how HEGEMONIC projects are constructed,” he said.

Another analyst, Elder Mabhunu concurs with Ruhanya, says Ncube shouldn’t make such claims, but should arrest those who are ‘importing the guns’ so that they don’t distabilise the peace in the country.

“Mnangagwa’s brutal system wouldn’t allow the importation guns into the country.

“Look at how they are torturing unarmed civilians some for calling for an end to corruption and others for practicing their right to freedom of speech and expression,” he said.

He said Mnangagwa’s regime fears for a revolt and is so cruel that cannot allow anyone to import even a catapult, adding that what more guns.