In a catastrophic happening, a 30-year old Zimbabwean man from the Lowveld died, while another is reportedly in a stable condition after a group of five assailants assaulted them using a motor cycle wire cable and a whip over a missing plough, media reports say.

According to police sources, Hlanganani Muyambo (30) of Village 2 Masapasi, in Chiredzi, was fatally assaulted Monday this week.

The Mirror reports that the now deceased Muyambo was attacked together with Winmore Darikai (22) of Village 7 under Chief Gudo by Joe Mukondo, Sam Mukondo, Knowledge Mukondo, Alexander Vhevhe and Once more Mukondo over a missing plough.

The accused criminal quintet is still on the run, said Masvingo Police spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa.

Police is appealing for information that may lead to their arrests.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that the five accused persons approached Muyambo and Darikai who were doing a piece job at Senuko 3 Business Centre and accused them of stealing a plough.

Subsequently, they then began assaulting Muyambo and Darikai using a motor brake wire cable, a chain and a whip all over their bodies, per Mirror.

The pair of Muyambo and Dakarai was then dragged to the latter’s homestead amid indications that they were continuously assaulted on the road.

At Darikai’s house, they searched for the missing plough but could not find it and by the time, Darikai had regained conciousness and had sought for help at a nearby homestead.

He returned with villagers who found Muyambo dead. He had profusely bled from the mouth.

The villagers rushed Darikai to a local clinic and reported the matter at Mkwasine Police Station. Muyambo’s body was taken to Chiredzi District Hospital for postmortem.

Regional police publicist Dhewa implored on people to resolve their differences amicably and stop resorting to violent ways.