The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), has informed customers that fixing power faults and restoring electricity may take longer during the rainy season.

In a statement, ZETDC a subsidiary of the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority explained that network faults are more common during this time due to factors like trees falling on overhead lines and electricity poles collapsing.

“The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that during the rainy season, there is a high prevalence of network faults due to trees falling on overhead lines, falling of electricity poles, water siping into underground cables, and lightning striking critical electricity equipment and infrastructure among other rain induced faults.

“Due to the increase in the number of faults, ZETDC advises that the turnaround time in attending to these faults and restoring power to customers may take longer than is normally the case.

“ZETDC is therefore appealing to customers to bear with these delays as efforts are done to minimise the outages and restore service to the affected customers in the shortest possible time.

“Customers are advised to stay away from fallen power lines to avoid injuries and are urged to treat all circuits as LIVE as power may be restored without notice.

“ZETDC also recommends unplugging electrical appliances and devices like TVs, computers, and gaming systems during storms.

“Lightning or power surges can harm plugged-in devices. To protect them, use surge protectors, which help absorb excess electricity and prevent damage during storms.