United Party for National Development (UPND) Information and Publicity Secretary Joseph Kalimbwe has challenged Jonathan Moyo and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba to ‘lambast’ Rwanda over its links with US military the same way they criticised Zambia.

Kalimbwe says when AFRICOM announced that it will be opening an office in Zambia a lot of people including Charamba and Moyo criticised the country, but the same people are silent when it comes to Rwanda.

“Charamba, Mangwana, Moyo & many in ZanuPF spoke alot about AFRICOM & the US Army in Zambia.

“They offered lectures & insulted our leader as if they hold the monopoly of wisdom. Now that AFRICOM met President Kagame in Rwanda, its silent here. Theirs is just pure hate on Hakainde,” he says.

Kalimbwe adds:

“From his hide out in Kenya, Jonathan Moyo called our leader “Uncle Tom’s boy”. Even characters like Linda suddenly found a voice in criticising Zambia & our leader over AFRICOM & the US army.

“Their inability to extend that criticism to Kagame now makes me question their wisdom.”

Kalimbwe said AFRICOM US army commander met President Paul Kagame in Rwanda to discuss key issues recently, but this has not received a lot of backlash across Africa, but when the Zambian leader met US army commanders; even lost characters like Linda joined in the bandwagon in calling his country names.