Mnangagwa can turn water into wine and still people will not trust him

Stanley Goreraza | Nelson Chamisa’s sparkle is associated with the new and change because that is what the people are desperate for, change and just something new outside of Zanupf.

People want to see Chivhayo arrested and prosecuted. People want to see Obert Mpofu arrested and prosecuted. People want to know the real unadulterated story of Gukurahundi, 2008, Murambatsvina, Chiadzwa and many more. They want to see Itai Dzamaras abductors revealed and punished most severely.

People are tired of queuing for scraps at the bank. People are tired of seeing youths standing at corners without a clue what tomorrow brings.

People are not satisfied with the cosmetic changes Mnangagwa has brought, they want real change and a real new dispensation not this one which looks like it’s from a bhero.

Chihuri did not loot diamonds alone. By his side were Chiwenga and other former service chiefs, given Chiadzwa by Mr Mugabe as a token of appreciation for support and loyalty. Mr Mugabe is not going to tell us the Chiadzwa story as that closet also has his skeletons. Mnangagwa will block any comprehensive probe into the looting of the peoples diamonds seeing as his deputy and some of his favorite friends put their hands in the cookie jar.

People know this and that is why they don’t for a minute believe in this so called new dispensation. It is not new. It is just make up on a fat pig. You can put a wig on this pig and splash lip stick all over its mouth but that won’t make it win Miss Zimbabwe.

Trust. Trust is the reason Mnangagwa will lose a free and fair election. It is where he comes from. Mnangagwa comes from Gukurahundi, looting and plunder,rigging, abductions and disappearances and immunity and impunity.

People will never ever trust Zanupf. And how many promises has Zanupf made and how many times have they broken those promises? People haven’t forgotten this.

Mnangagwa can turn water into wine and still people will not trust him. He could resurrect Mbuya Nehanda and people will call it witchcraft.

People are so desperate for change and something new that they will ignore the ugly side of the MDC. Anything and anyone but Zanupf.

And yes people deserve change. In a Zimbabwe where fat criminals can show off their shoes on Facebook and looters and thieves run the country, change is what God would order.

Mnangagwa will tell the people Chikurubi has plenty of space but he is never going to send anyone there, and people know this.

Their greatest mistake is to think people don’t know. They do. If they did not, Chamisa would not be popular. stanley goreraza