The convener of 31st July protests and Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume says citizens are not afraid of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and what he calls his ‘thugs’.

Commenting on Moreblessing Ali’s murder by alleged ZANU PF members, Ngarivhume said the murder of Moreblessing is meant to blanket the nation with a dark cloud of fear, adding that Zimbabweans are not afraid but determined to free themselves.

“But this is our message to
Mnangagwa and his thugs. We are not afraid. We are not retreating.

“Not Now. Our freedom from ZANU PF is in sight and we are pressing on through this storm!!”

Meanwhile, ZANU PF deputy Secretary of Security in the Politburo, Tendai Chirau says the ruling party is not in the business of killing people, but protecting them.

He says it is stupid propaganda to claim that ZANU PF kills its political opponents.

“Nonsense! Who is that woman? The revolutionary Party is not in the business of killing people, in any case we protect the people.

“Stupid propaganda from the toxic opposition is only taken seriously by the mentally deranged,” he says.

Meanwhile, the ruling party has reportedly highjacked the slain Ali’s funeral.

It has been reported that ZANU PF thugs were harassing mourners at Ali’s home.