Thanks Makore, on remand on charges of allegedly murdering his seven-year old nephew Tapiwa for suspected ritual purposes, had his kitchen hut at his Murehwa homestead destroyed by fire on Friday night, a few hours after being granted $10 000 bail by the High Court on the grounds that there was no evidence linking him to the killing.

A month ago, the kitchen hut of Tapiwa Makore Senior, twin brother to Thanks and the principle suspect in the killing, was also gutted by fire, giving rise to suspicion that the same person is trying to force the brothers out of the community.

By Saturday, Thanks Makore’s hut and gazebo at the homestead were totally destroyed, with a CID forensic team sifting the ashes as they conducted investigations.

Thanks Makore’s older brother, Shadreck, said he was alerted of the incident by their cousin who resides at the homestead.

“My cousin brother who is currently staying at Thanks’ homestead woke me up at midnight and alerted me of the incident. When I woke up, I noticed that the hut and gazebo were on fire.

“I am still wondering how the kitchen caught fire because it’s barely a month since we witnessed Tapiwa Makore Senior’s hut also being burnt to ashes,” he said.

A villager from the neighbourhood, Tendai Muzura, said he was surprised to see the fire damage. “I was passing through Makore’s homestead when I realised that his hut had been reduced to ashes. We made a police report with my fellow villagers who were equally shocked,” he said.

Another witness who only identified herself as Rita, said the fire could have been caused by someone seeking revenge for the murder of Tapiwa Makore Junior.

“When the incident occurred, I was fast asleep and I only woke up to see Makore’s house burning. Now, what is troubling us is the person behind these fires because sometime early this month, Tapiwa Makore Senior’s hut was also reduced to ashes. I personally think that whoever is behind these fires, is seeking revenge for the murder of Tapiwa,” she said.

Thanks Makore was given bail last Friday after Justice Tapiwa Chitapi said there was no evidence linking him to the offence.

The State’s case was weak as there was nothing connecting him with the offence and that police did not find anything at his house as was alleged by a police informant.

Thanks Makore was originally suspected of masterminding the murder of the seven-year-old and is alleged to have offered to pay US$1 500 for the head and arms of the deceased.

Meanwhile, Chief Mangwende of Murehwa has agreed to the burial of the boy’s remains without the head on January 9 next year, as the family seeks closure to his case.

Yesterday, there reports that some Damofalls residents gathered at Thanks Makore’s Ruwa house over the weekend to protest the decision by the High Court to grant him bail.

Residents confirmed the brief protest.

“Yes, I saw a handful of people gathered at his gate. I was some metres away so I could not hear what they were saying. Later on, I heard that they were protesting why he was given bail. They were there for a couple of minutes before they dispersed, but I did not see Thanks Makore outside,” said a resident who refused to be named.

Another resident, a vendor at the shops near Makore’s house, confirmed the protest. “When it happened, I was not here. However, when I came back, I heard from some people that there was drama outside Thanks’ house, right at the gate. I am not sure what it was all about but I think residents are angry that he got bail.”

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