By Barbra Mutedzi

Hello my lovely! Make time for your spiritual practice. It is super important for you to connect with that deep inner and most true voice that is you. That inner voice that you may call God, Allah, your Higher Self, the Buddha within you – whatever it is – connect to that.

My practice is meditation. What is yours? Others pray, go for long walks and so on. The essence is to connect with your true self. Whatever activity that allows you to feel whole, supported, real and truly you.

Les Brown, the motivational speaker says: “You have greatness within you”. Connect to that greatness. Think of it as a way to refuel and re-align before you start the today. Juice up and gear up.

The best thing to do is to make it a habit. Here is how you can start:

1. Define what it is that helps you feel grounded. Be very clear on what this is. It could be more than one thing.

2. Then Design ways that will help you achieve that every day. This could look like scheduling it in your daily diary. That is one roadmap tool. I schedule my meditations to be in the mornings before I do anything else. On good days, I also sit and meditate at night as well. On really really good and highly connected days, I, in addition to the morning sessions, meditate on the go.

3. Finally Display the habits and behaviors to help you stay on track. For me, the more I put this in my diary, the more I do it, the more it becomes a habit. The behavior means setting my alarm clock on the time that I do want to meditate, having a dedicated space for the meditation, then going to meditate.

Your turn: Define, Design and Display. You can do it! And am here to support you should you need it. Stay well my friend. With gratitude and loving kindness

*Barbara Mutedzi is a life coach