Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals would not ordinarily reveal information on any patient.  We have however noted that one of our patients, Robert Gomana who demised(died) on 25 March 2020 has become of public interest in view of the COVID19 pandemic.

We wish to dispel information which insinuates that Robert Gomana came in as COVID-19 suspect and was admitted in B7 ICU despite him showing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.

To set the record straight, below are the facts of the matter:

1. Robert Gomana presented at our Accident and Emergency Department on 23 March 2020 with a stabbed wound/ abdominal trauma.

2. He had a temperature of 36.8 which was normal.

3. He did not present with any symptoms of COVID-19.

4. On examination, the doctors discovered that he had a distended abdomen which was very painful upon touching due to the blunt abdominal trauma.

5. He was immediately prepared for emergency surgery.

6. He was then admitted in B7 ICU following the surgery where he eventually demised on 25 March 2020.

7. Inquiries done by the hospital to establish if Robert Gomana had contact with Zororo prior to his admission in the hospital have not provided any evidence of contact.

8. According to his next of kin, his brother who stayed with him in Dzivarasekwa, Robert Gomana did not know anyone by the name Zororo Makamba and he was not a fitness trainer.

We, however remain unsure whether there is another Robert Gomana who shares the same name with the one we admitted as a patient in our hospital.

We, therefore, wish to inform members of the public that Robert Gomana who was managed in B7 ICU was not a COVID-19 suspect.