President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s support base predominantly consists of clerics, prophets and the morally upright while opposition parties get their backing from ‘mbanje-smokers’, ‘little people’ and ‘fools’, a former parliamentarian has said.

In yet another controversial tweet on Sunday, former Chivi South Member of Parliament, Killer Zivhu became a target of amplified criticism after saying that the Zanu PF leader gets his support from the morally upright.

“Vafundisi, Mabhishopi , Vaporofita , nevose vanoita zvechitendero vanotevera ED. Asi vose vembanje ,vapengo ,zvanana , nemapenzi enyika yedu yose vanotevera Opposition Party,” Zivhu tweeted in the vernacular, ChiShona.

Here are some of the replies Zivhu got following his controversial tweet:

Mudhara makuita muchirwara, u need to visit a special ward for treatment bfore its late, u have excelled very well in mischief and bootlicking- @ComfortMasukume
Imi makukwana kumapenzi mdara- @masimbasg
The language is abusive. People have differences of opinion. There’s a lot you guys cannot do. So don’t try to be gudges. I’m sorry to say that you don’t deserve to be in office because you think everyone should do as you think or think as you do- @MupakatiSamuel
Enda unomwa mapiritsi e AIDS.- @donjinxjin

Why are you insulting 14 million people?-  @ChamisaGeorge