The High Court ruling that has just been passed nullifying Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-Alliance) leader Nelson Chamisa’s authority has been received with mixed reactions and sentiments.

Some Zimbabweans have taken it, mocking President Emmerson Mnangagwa of having had lost the right to succeed former president Robert Mugabe as ZANU PF leader following his expulsion from the party.

They say according to the ruling party Constitution, after Mnangagwa’s sacking from both the party and government, it was the then vice president Phelekezela Mphoko who was the only legitimate number 2.

“When Mugabe resigned according to the party Constitution Mphoko as the only deputy at that time, was the only legitimate person to take over ZANU-PF as its new leader.

“By the virtue of having had been fired, Mnangagwa lost the right to succeed Mugabe, had it not been through a coup,” said a former youth leader at district level who was aligned to the G40, who declined to be named.

Mugabe succumbed to pressure and resigned after a motion had been moved to impeach him. This left the both the ruling party and country to spend days on autopilot without a leader, with Mphoko on the run from the coup plotters, while Mnangagwa was in self imposed exile in South Africa.

Meanwhile, some members of the public in various social circles have since joined the fray, mocking Mnangagwa saying Mphoko is indeed the legitimate leader.