Harare: Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa reprimanded Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo for his public posturing denigrating the Command Agriculture Programme on social media, despite him being a member of Cabinet where the programme is always discussed.

In an interview yesterday, VP Mnangagwa said he challenged Prof Moyo why he was attacking Command Agriculture when he was a beneficiary of the scheme under which he received farming support.

Prof Moyo has on several occasions posted a string of messages on social media denouncing the programme adopted by Government last year.

Command Agriculture is expected to run for the next two years as part of efforts to boost the country’s food production levels.

VP Mnangagwa said he expressed his reservations on why Prof Moyo was taking the issue on social media when he had the Cabinet meeting platform.

“The major attack of Command Agriculture came from my colleague Professor Moyo, so I met him,” he said.

“He is a beneficiary of Command Agriculture. He has 80 hectares, very good crop in Mashonaland Central, so when I met him I said my brother, but you criticise Command Agriculture when you are benefiting so much and we are supporting you.

“He said no my brother, Vice President, I am not attacking Command Agriculture, l have been attacking information that is coming out about the $500 million fund. It is not explained to the public, people will think there is some mismanagement of some sort.

“I said no! but you understand you are in Cabinet, we always explain these things in Cabinet, and we discuss these things in Cabinet. This is why each time I have an opportunity to discuss these things, I mention what actual funds have come to the programme, that is what has happened.”

 VP Mnangagwa said he would, however, not be deterred by the criticism of the scheme, but was determined to find ways to improve it.