Get your facts right, SDA Church responds to Mawarire claims

An audio of a Zimbabwean representative of the Seventh-Day Adventist church criticising #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire has surfaced online.

The man claims to have heard an audio where Mawarire apparently said SDA church is fake because it said Jesus was returning on 22 October 1855.

However, the man in the audio refutes the claim stating that it was expelled Methodist Preacher William Miller who preached that Jesus was coming in 1844.

This happened many years before the SDA church was formed( around 1866).

Mawarire is accused of recklessly misstating historical facts and was told that Ellen White was still a child around 1844; she was not even married and still using a different name, said the audio.

The audio further challenged Mawarire to bring any text or evidence from the church or it’s prolific author Ellen White to prove his claim than the Adventist church ever mentioned that Jesus would return in 1844.

In closing, Mawarire was told that the church observes the seventh day sabbath not to honour Ellen White but because it is a commandment in the bible.

Listen to the audio below in Shona: