Shauwn Mkhize, professionally known as Mam’Mkhize, is a South African socialite, businesswoman, philanthropist, and television personality. She is known for her Mzansi Magic reality television series, Kwa Mam’Mkhize.

Thabo Bester (born 13 June 1986) is a convicted criminal who escaped from the Mangaung Correctional Center in South Africa after faking his death in 2022.

He was on the run for almost a year before being caught in Arusha, Tanzania on 8 April 2023. He was arrested along with his partner Dr. Nandipha Magudumana. Bester was known as the “Facebook rapist” and was convicted of rape and murder.

A video clip of Karyn Maugham from News 24 was shared on social media where she explains that Thabo Bester had a visit from a well-known celebrity.

Below is what was shared, Who is the very well-known celebrity that has been in contact with Thabo Bester while he was behind bars? News24’s Investigative Journalist Karyn Maughan puts the story in perspective:

In the video clip that was shared, Karyn is heard saying, on the list of people who visited Thabo Bester in jail, there is also a well-known celebrity and we all know the person. But she didn’t reveal the name.

After seeing this post, people started commenting asking themselves who could be this well-known celebrity who visited Thabo Bester in prison. Some people started saying Dr. Nandipha could be that well-known celebrity they are talking about. But someone commented saying Mamkhize is a well-known celebrity who visited Thabo Bester.

The problem with people on social media is they don’t understand how serious the Thabo Bester case is, they don’t understand that people got to get killed and there is a possibility that Thabo Bester and those who were involved will go to jail for a very long time, so saying such accusation it’s wrong. Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet and not say anything if you don’t have facts.