Did Zimbabwe’s PVO Bill deregister the Iconic Jairos Jiri Association?

Social media users are debating whether Jairos Jiri Association is now banned and deregistered in Zimbabwe. This comes after some posts and reports went online alleging that the organisation is no more.

See below:

Jairos Jiri Association was created in 1940 to rehabilitate disabled persons & be empowered with life skills. It survived the repressive colonial Rhodesia & Mugabe only for the tyrant ED to de-register it after 83 years with his PVO Bill. Even the disabled are not safe under ED!..Makomborero Haruzivishe

The attached document appears to show that there are a number of affiliate  organisations using the name Jairos Jiri. In this case they could be separate legal legal entities, not part of the main Jairos Jiri Association.