United Party for National Development Information and Publicity Secretary Joseph Kalimbwe says the ruling party in Zimbabwe ZANU PF should understand that people need real and meaningful change and not war stories and rhetoric.

“Supporters of a Liberation Movement that’s been in existence since 1963 & has dismally failed its people can’t celebrate that they’ve gained ground over a two months old movement.

“This is 2022, people want real practical change in their lives – not bush war stories & rhetoric,” he says.

He called on the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to denounce regimes like ZANU PF that violates human rights.

“SADC always calls for the removal of sanctions but it has never issued statements to denounce violence & human rights violations on citizens.

“Brutalizing citizens and blocking the opposition from gathering has got nothing whatsoever to do with sanctions. SADC must reform,” he says.

Meanwhile, the recently conducted by-elections in Zimbabwe has shown that the Citizens Coalition for Change led by Nelson Chamisa is a strong force to reckon with, despite it being only few months old.