Former cabinet minister says the country under the current administration led by President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is similar to Zimbabwe Bishop Abel Muzorewa.

Ex Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Walter Mzembi says history is repeating itself.

“History Repeats itself!

“In 1980 Bishop Muzorewa and Internal Settlement collaborators had the law on their side, the army, police, money, cars, buses and even helicopters.

“In 2023, as in 1980 all this won’t matter, barefooted the People win,” he says.

He bemoans what he terms the weaponisation of the voters’ roll.

“Weaponising the Voters Roll, or snooking opponents from the Voters Roll using is counter revolutionary.

“A Zimbabwean can only be removed from the Voters Roll when he is certified Dead!

“Disenfranchisement of citizens is antithesis of liberation ethos,” he adds.