MDC-Alliance has vowed to roll out a series of demonstrations to demand economic justice for the masses of Zimbabwe, 263Chat has reported.

The announcement by the MDC  comes as a response to Zanu PF spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo who in his press statement described Chamisa’s May Day solidarity message to Zimbabwean workers as careless tantamount to cause mayhem and chaos in the country.

The MDC has called Khaya Moyo to order charging that the former information minister is miles away from understanding the constitutionally guaranteed rights to demonstrate and that he wholly misunderstood Chamisa’s message he made at Dzivarasekwa Stadium a couple of days ago.

“Firstly, Zanu PF’s communication misses the point totally. A demonstration cannot be characterized as mayhem and anarchy. It’s a Constitutionally guaranteed right, voted for by millions of Zimbabweans who knew that there will be failures like Mnangagwa and Zanu PF, who therefore needed a mechanism to be held accountable.

“Demonstrations will go on regardless of Zanu PF feelings.

“The threats about some intelligence report do not concern us as we are not criminals but the biggest political party and voice of reason in Zimbabwe. For people who miss the point even on the definition of peace, they must comment on Zanu PF cell groups. Zanu PF is the least qualified to be talking about President Chamisa’s remarks,” party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said


Chamisa has, however, reiterated that protests over the deterioration of people’s livelihoods will be peaceful in recognition of the constitutional stipulated guidelines.