Chelsea Hlomayi has come out guns blazing accusing Holy Ten of being a careless father after the singer failed to take care of their 4 month old baby.

Chelsea claimed that Holy Ten is refusing to take care of his baby, which prompted her to expose the rapper.

She leaked chats on her Facebook page, between her and the rapper, showing how he mistreated her.

“Kunonyoresa ku public hospital nhumbu yane eight months?

“Blocking me everywhere mukati deal with my lawyer?

“Sorry Shefu. Are you Mad?

“Respect goes both ways, if you respected me as well we wouldn’t be here.

“Action or no action, that’s your child ita zvaunoda even if you decide to ignore us that’s okay,” reads part of the post.


Chelsea wrote on her timeline that she will continue supporting their son alone if the singer refuses to comply.

“I will never get tired or complain of taking care of Mufaro just because you don’t want to.

“But, anyway it’s okay, you should be really grateful handitodewo zve noise but sometimes I get really frustrated with the way I do things concerning Mufaro.”

In his response, Holy Ten wrote:

“Ita noise yaunoda you’re not God I’II always recover. 

“It’s this simple.”