ENDLESS demands for his sister’s outstanding bride price have landed a Mutare man in court.

Fed up with her step-brother’s greediness, Miriam Maswera last week sought the court’s intervention.

Maswera said Avias Murapiro’s demands are rocking her marriage.

She told the court that Murapiro is in the habit of demanding lobola from her husband every time they meet.

However, Murapiro was in default when the matter was heard before Mutare magistrate, Ms Nyasha Kuture.

“Whenever he sees my husband, he demands lobola. Your Worship, is that how it is done in our traditional Shona culture? His actions are reducing me to a product that is up for sale. I have lost all dignity within my husband’s family,” she said.

Maswera went to say Murapiro visits her home everyday to demand the outstanding lobola and threaten her husband and children with unspecified actions.

At one time, Murapiro is alleged to have tried to “attach” her family’s cattle to settle the lobola dues.

He went on to seize their land.

“One farming season, he grabbed our land, prepared it and tried to plant his own crops, saying he would only give it back after the outstanding lobola has been paid up. The village head had to intervene and stop him,” said the troubled woman.

She also accused her step-brother of confiscating her farm produce, before pleading with the court to bar Murapiro from visiting her home and abusing her family.

“If possible, he should not visit me at all.

“After all, he is not my biological brother. I have lost all the respect I had for him due to his outrageous demands,” she said.

Ms Kuture granted the protection order in Maswera’s favour
and barred Murapiro from visiting her, confiscating her produce, disturbing her family’s peace and harassing her.

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