Zimbabwean former deputy prime minister, ex-political party leader and academic Professor Arthur Mutambara has unleashed withering criticism of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government describing it as
“shamelessly incompetent, corrupt, authoritarian and patently directionless – kleptocracy par excellence”.

In a summary of his new third book in a trilogy, Search of the Elusive Zimbabwean Dream: An Autobiography of Thought Leadership, Volume III, Mutambara says Zimbabwe has been a tragedy since it gained independence in 1980 due to leadership, governance and policy failures.

Says Mutambara: “This is the third of three volumes in a series that traces the leadership thoughts and philosophical disposition of Professor Arthur G.O. Mutambara over a period of 40 years (1983 to 2023), as his generation sought to become the transformation it wished to see in Zimbabwe.

“Well, it has been one national tragedy after another.”

Mutambara adds: “The Mnangagwa regime – whose foundation is anchored and legitimised by the 2017 coup d’état – continued in power after the fraudulent 2018 presidential polls.

“Clothed and wrapped in the garb of illegitimacy, it has proven to be shamelessly incompetent, corrupt, authoritarian and patently directionless – kleptocracy par excellence.

“The situation has degenerated further in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is compounded by insecurity and divisions within the securocratic state, brazen ethnonationalism, clansmanship, unprecedented looting of national resources and violent repression of citizens.”

Mutambara, who has a strong history of political activism from his days as a militant student leader and a record of academic excellence, steps up the attack:

“This has resulted in the shrinking of the democratic space, pervasive and unrelenting poverty, destruction of livelihoods, a collapsed healthcare system and avoidable loss of lives.

“It is catastrophic.” Further, Mutambara’s scorching criticism intensifies: “On the horizon in 2023, another problematic, fraudulent and illegitimate election is loading.

Clearly, its outcome will most likely be contested. Once again, the vision of a peaceful, democratic and wealthy nation characterised by inclusive economic growth and shared prosperity – the ‘Zimbabwean Dream’ – continues to be a mirage.”