Former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo, has taken a swipe at Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba for mocking Tawanda Muchehiwa who was abducted and tortured by suspected state agents.

Charamba using the shadow name Jamwanda on twitter mocked Muchehiwa, a victim of alleged state-sponsored torture, laughing at the scars on his buttocks.

In the mocking tweet Jamwanda said; “Akapora here magadziko?? Hapana kusara mavara???”

This could be loosly translated to ‘has your buttocks healed? Are there no torture scars left?’

This massage saw Charamba being roundly condemned for the mocking, with some reminding him that what goes around, comes around.

Their warnings come after some of those who used to torture people during the late dictator Robert Mugabe’s time are now fearing for their lives; as they fell from grace with the current administration led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Other skipped the borders are currently in self-imposed exile.

Meanwhile, Moyo has added his voice saying Charamba should have a soft heart for other human beings.

“Cde Charamba, politics aside, your cruel words about a young victim of torture at the hands of state security agents & whose kidneys were damaged during his ordeal; are unbefitting.

Moyo added that it is uncalled for Charamba to act as he did more so with his status as a parent and a senior government official in the Office of the President & Cabinet.