A FISHING expedition nearly turned fatal for a Chipinge man following a vicious crocodile attack in Save River last Saturday.

The horror incident occurred after Edzai Gudo, a welder from Chibuwe Village, came face to face with the deadly reptile around 10 am.

Speaking from his hospital bed at Mutare provincial hospital this week, Gudo said the reptile’s jaws clamped his left leg which caused severe injuries. He lost a lot of blood in the process. He also sustained a severe injury on his right leg.

“I am lucky to be alive,” said Gudo.

“I saw the crocodile swimming towards me when it was about fifty metres away. I subsequently moved away and changed positions. After about five minutes, I heard a splash and I felt the crocodile pulling my leg before it dragged me into the river. I was hauled into the river and the reptile fought hard to pin me down. It clamped onto my left leg and twisted it.

“I felt intense pain but Taurai came to my rescue as he pulled a log and hit the crocodile several times on its back. By then I was losing strength and I had lost hope. I told myself that I was dying. I started crying out for help since I thought Taurai had also been overpowered. The crocodile went away and we dashed out of the river, in agony,” he said.

He was rushed to Chibuwe Clinic but the nurses could not assist him further since he had lost a lot of blood. He was transferred to Mutare provincial hospital where his leg was amputated.

Deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda, urged people to desist from fishing or staying near crocodile-infested rivers and dams to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

Ward 20 councillor, Mr Charles Mugidho, urged villagers to refrain from fishing in the Save River or river banks.

“Save is flooded these days. We urge villagers to be wary of crocodiles which are in the river. This is the fifth crocodile attack we have recorded in a short time. Sensewell Makosi of Mutovhoti nearly died after a crocodile attack while another crocodile was spotted near Themba Gatura’s homestead. We are really worried about the crocodile attacks and we are appealing to the National Parks and Wildlife officials to assist us to avert future occurrences.”

Gudo, who was a breadwinner, appealed to members of the public to assist him financially to foot hospital bills and buy crutches, among other things. zimpapers