HARARE: A Domboshava woman last week left the gallery in stitches when she asked a police officer who had arrested her to demonstrate how she moaned when he saw her being int1mate with a man.

The police officer was left with no choice but to imitate the sounds made by people when having intercourse resulting in the gallery bursting into laughter.

Precious Sibanda, 26, who is jointly charged with David Kafudza, 31, were arrested by Munodawafa Chikara when he came across them having quality time at corner Chinhoyi Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in the CBD.

The two, who are being charged of criminal nuisance, denied the allegations telling the court that they were not intimate when they were arrested.

Kafudza even told the court that the woman whom he was arrested with having se-xual intercourse was not Sibanda.

“Your Worship when the police officer arrived we were all putting our clothes on. He then instructed us to stand in pairs.

“I even tried to tell him that the reason why I was there was to put my cardboard boxes but he did not listen.

“The man who was with the second accused was released today, it’s not me who was with this woman,” he said.

Sibanda denied the allegations telling the court that on the day in question she was arrested while she was urinating.

“Your Worship this police officer is lying because when he came and arrested me I was still liaising with my boyfriend.

“Most of all I was even dressed up. He even arrested me when I was urinating.

“If you saw me being intimate what colour was my pant?” she asked leaving the gallery in stitches.

Allegations are that on September 6 this year at around 12am at corner Chinhoyi Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, the two were arrested by Chikara who was on night patrol.

He saw them having se-xual intercourse at a public place and he arrested them. state media