Exiled former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has implored fellow countrymen to dump politicians who keep their strategies a secret.

Without mentioning Chamisa by name Moyo says politicians or political parties that keep strategies a guarded secret are clueless.

“If a politician who wants your vote tells you that ‘everything is gonna be alright’ while they’re keeping their plan or structures close to their chest as a ‘secret strategy’, beware; you are dealing with a clueless and desperate voodoo politician who is out of his or her depth!”

Moyo has been attacking Chamisa for keeping his party structures a secret.

“So, now, where are all those who were saying a structureless political party is winning the Nigerian election going to hide?

Facts are stubborn. In politics, without structures, you are doomed!” adds Moyo.

Meanwhile, Chamisa has been keeping his party structures a closely guarded secret for fear of infiltration and in order to avoid exposing his party members to abuse by ZANU PF.