Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) presenter Eric Knight has urged couples to have forgiving hearts like Baba and Amai Denzel.

Knight says couples should have love deep enough to forgive each other.

Baba and Mai Denzel have been making headlines with leaked audio clips of Mai Denzel confessing her infidelity to relatives over a call. According to the clips, it was Mai Denzel’s aggrieved ex-lover who alerted her husband of the illicit affairs.

Meanwhile, Baba Denzel went under fire on social media after he accepted back Mai Denzel, despite the exposure.

In a leaked audio, Baba Denzel could be heard assuring his wife that bygones are bygones and he is ready to take her back. From the leaked recording, which is a call between him and his wife, it seems Baba Denzel initiated the reconciliation process.

Many blasted him, yet some others particularly women supported his decision to take Mai Denzel back.