Not a laughing matter, Tsvangirai & Mugabe are too sick to rule Zimbabwe….

Stanley Goreraza|Most people now agree that Morgan Tsvangirai must pass on the baton, but it seems the man himself is not even thinking about it.

If he was thinking about the Mdc and more importantly the country, he would have stepped down long ago. Unfortunately Morgan Tsvangirai is only thinking about himself.

The job of giving life back to Zimbabwe cannot be done from a hospital or a bed. It cannot be done by someone who needs a lot of rest because in getting Zimbabwe back on track there is no resting.

If Morgan Tsvangirai and Mr Mugabe applied for jobs in the private sector not one of them would be considered for a second because of both their health status. If both do not qualify to lead a company , how on earth would they qualify to lead an entire country? Not a single company in the world would hire them. It would not make sense hiring a man spending much of what should be productive time at the doctors. It would also make fractional sense to hire a 94 year old for any job because most of the time he’ll be sleeping.

The economic status of Zimbabwe cannot be changed by someone seriously ill and resting or someone who is always sleeping and can hardly walk. Both these people do not have the energy for the job at hand or the physical and mental capacity for it.

They both are affected by personal problems which will greatly interfere in the effectiveness of smooth running of state operations.

I expected better from Morgan Tsvangirai. I expected him to comply to common sense but he has chosen the Zanupf way of doing things.

It’s not good for his party, it’s not good for the country, it’s not even good for himself that he hangs on when he should not be. It sends a very bad message and is a continuation of the Zanupf culture he claims to be against.

He is in fact saying there are no people who can lead in the Mdc, there are no persons with leadership qualities and qualifications. He is saying inini chete chete forever kunyangwe zviite sei.

If he was president of the republic, would he give up power? No he would not.

I know the senior people in his party want him to do the honorable thing. All those you hear saying he is our candidate are not being honest with their thoughts and feelings, they just say that for public consumption. Deep down they want him to step down but coming out would have consequences because democracy in the Mdc is just a show.

Do the right thing Mr Tsvangirai. Be different from Mr Mugabe and stop being like him. Don’t give your party and the country cancer because that is what you are doing. You are dragging your party and the nation into your personal problems, doing great harm to your legacy. Is this what you want to be remembered for because people look more at the bad you have done than the good. Do the right thing. Step down.

Stanley Goreraza