Gweru: 3 people travelling in a Toyota Altezza died yesterday in an accident which occurred near Chikwingwizha Seminary turn-off at the 20km peg along the Gweru-Shurugwi road.

Two died on the spot and the third person died at Gweru Provincial Hospital following the crash that occurred at around 12:20PM.

Gweru Fire Brigade sub officer Mr Ephraim Manzera confirmed the fatal accident and said the vehicle could have been speeding.

Mr Manzera said they were called to the scene at around 12:30PM and arrived at about 1PM.

He said the three people in the Toyota Altezza were driving from Shurugwi towards Gweru when the fatal accident occurred.

Meanwhile , there are unconfirmed reports that the vehicle was infact a Toyotta Allion, stolen from a car wash by an unlicensed driver.