In a highly unusual move aimed at strengthening his control over the country, Mr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, the leader of Zanu PF, has reportedly arranged for his son, Major Sean Mnangagwa, to undergo advanced military training in China.

Sean now holds the rank of Major in the Presidential Guard military division.

According to a report published by Zanu PF Patriots Official, Sean Mnangagwa is currently participating in an exchange program with the Chinese military.

The deep collaboration between Zimbabwe and China within their annual military exchange initiatives allows both nations to share knowledge on experiences, tactics, and technological advancements, as stated by Zimbabwe’s Major Sean Mnangagwa.

Major Mnangagwa is presently engaged in an exchange program with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, focusing on improving military strategies, chemical warfare expertise, high-tech integration, infiltration methods, and ground forces command, among other specialized skills.

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