Cryptocurrency news focuses on Bitcoin, ETH, as the leading assets of the crypto economy. However, recently a TRON platform has been increasingly mentioned, and investors buy TRON online. The TRON cryptocurrency is not just another asset. It is a voluminous ecosystem. Since its inception in 2017, the blockchain platform has aimed to decentralize the crypto economy and the entire network. As Justin Sun, CEO of the TRON Foundation, pointed out, the platform was created so that everyone could distribute coins without intermediaries and without paying commission fees.

Back in several years, the system was based on the Ethereum blockchain. But then it was decided to switch to its blockchain. It is a reliable, easily scalable network. It has high transaction processing speed and, at the same time, low network fees. The TRON network fee is only 0.1 TRX for coin transfers and only ~2 TRX for token transfers. By the way, in the Ethereum network, these commissions are ten times higher in USD terms.

The ecosystem uses several types of tokens. Other coins could become an alternative to Ethereum, such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, etc. However, none of these coins have the infrastructure that Ethereum has — smart contracts, DEX, DeFi. As for TRON, it is the only coin that has a similar service infrastructure and, at the same time, works on the POS technology.

The number of TRX users has been growing exponentially, and not only because of the cheap fees. Like with Ethereum, you can create custom tokens and deploy smart contracts with TRON. Daily trading volumes on the decentralized exchange JustSwap already exceed $30 million per day and grow.

Given the constant expansion of TRON’s infrastructure and the asset’s value at the moment, the prospect of growth is highly likely, so you can buy TRX online. It, of course, is not a call to action or investment advice, but taking into account the growth of Ethereum from ~ $80 to $2000 during the year, TRON looks much more promising if you choose a coin for investment.

What Is the Uniqueness of the TRON ​​Business Project

The distributed platform of TRON has many good differences from the prototypes. Here is the listing of the most significant ones:

  • Freedom of information. Content can be stored and distributed freely;
  • The variety of information. The free content of the resource makes its choice truly undivided;
  • Individual ICO. Participants can safely broadcast virtual data in the form of ICO, while others can equally use the services of individual asset stratification;
  • A full-fledged base. Thanks to the division of assets, a whole set of dispersed platforms are organized, containing games, forecasts, exchange systems.

How to Buy/Sell TRON?

Don’t know how to buy TRON with credit card instantly? There are two ways to do it:

  1. Exchanges. Such a place undertakes the sale of various cryptocurrencies in large volumes. Still, it requires registration and card verification procedures, charges fees for replenishing the balance and withdrawing funds. Still, when you buy TRX with debit card, you will not face a scammer because everyone is checked.
  2. Exchangers. This option will appeal to those thinking about how to buy TRON with debit card. Such an app supports only popular cryptocurrencies and is limited by a certain reserve. But in other moments, it is superior to the other ways of transiting cryptocurrency. It takes a couple of clicks to register in an app and up to 5 minutes to transfer digital money to your wallet.

TRX Price Predictions

Whether to buy TRX? According to crypto industry analysts, how high (or low) will it rise? Will it ever reach the magical $1 mark?

  • Digital Coin Price is quite optimistic about TRX in the coming years, predicting hitting $0.08 by 2025.
  • Wallet Investor is more optimistic about the prospects for TRX. It predicts that it will reach $0.13 by 2025.
  • Coin Switch is even more optimistic and predicts that TRX can skyrocket to $0.76 by 2025.

TRON is constantly expanding its portfolio of partnerships, thereby strengthening the credibility of its product. TRON had a goal — to develop a blockchain platform for user-generated content, and it has been fulfilled. The platform works, the community is large, transactions are almost instantaneous, and the activity on the network is at the highest level. It is enough to recommend you to buy TRX on Switchere anonymously (or any other exchange) and add it to your investment portfolio.