In a counter-hegemonic move to fight the Newly elected Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Nelson Chamisa, Former MDC-T Councillor Warship Dumba who is also a member of the Defending Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy (DMTL)  says his coterie is going ahead with preparations for an extraordinary congress.

The extraordinary congress stems from the High Court judgement which nullified Nelson Chamisa’s leadership and demanded that leadership be reverted back to 2014 status.

In an interview, Dumba said preparations are at an advanced stage and that they are working on approaching the Supreme Court to nullify Chamisa’s May Congress.

“We are already at an advanced stage with preparations. Our provincial organisers are on the ground working.

“The Supreme Court case is already underway to challenge the recently held congress by the MDC-led by Nelson Chamisa,” he said.

According to Dumba, their rival group is not after spoiling the party for Chamisa but are seeking to fully respect the rule of law.

However, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume shot back at rival group saying it was hallucinating.

“That’s a hallucination, a congress of the party was held for all to see and the judgement they rely on was appealed thereby suspending it.

“They held their own congress fielded their own Parliamentarians and are engaged in their own talks so how and where do they find the basis to hold an extraordinary congress?

-Open Parly