Police and Social Welfare officers have sent an alert and are appealing for information leading to the location of eight Covid-19 inmates who escaped from Mushagashe Quarantine Centre on Tuesday night.

Provincial Covid-19 taskforce spokesperson Rodgers Irimayi confirmed the matter to The Mirror.

It is not clear whether the inmates had been tested or not or for how long they have been in quarantine.

Many inmates are escaping from the centres because of the inhuman living conditions found there.

The inmates who allegedly escaped from the centre are Wonderful Hadzvangwe (23) from Mutombo Village under Chief Sengwe in Chikombedzi, Emmanuel Manyange (28) from Chiredzi and Nyasha Manyange (23) from Zaka and James Zimwa (40) of Village 5 under Chief Charumbira and Michael Verenga (24) of Dhumuka Village in Gutu, Professor Moyo (31) of Gezani Village under Chief Sengwe in Chiredzi, Rhumba Chisedza (33) of Imbayago Village under Chief Murinye and Troy Nkala (25) from Chikombedzi under Chief Mpapa in Chiredzi.

Some three inmates escaped from Mushagashe quarantine centre two weeks back after complaining of poor living standards at the facility.MasvingoMirror