In a positive development, soft-spoken Zanu PF legislator (Proportional Representation) for the Midlands Province, Honourable Perseverance Zhou has embarked on a fundraising drive for relief packages aimed at cushioning the livelihoods of locals living with Albinism  in Kwekwe district during the current era of the Covid19 pandemic.

Hon Zhou told Zwnews that the rationale behind the move was driven by the fact that fellow Zimbabweans who are living with albinism in the community have special needs, especially in light of the pandemic which has literally unsettled inhabitants of Planet Earth.

According to the parliamentarian, it is the responsibility of all citizens to support those living with albinism by ensuring that they have access to their special requirements such as sun-screen lotions, sun glasses and sun hats, among others.

“Just like you and me, these people must also have access to food which is of nutritional value; they also need to have a balanced diet in their homes. We are also cognisant of the fact that people living with albinism have been exposed to lots of vulnerabilities during this difficult period of worldwide Covid19 lockdowns. Let’s help them ” MP Zhou said.

She also implored on those intending to contribute towards the initiative to pay a courtesy call at her offices housed at the Kwekwe Recreational Park or get in touch with her on her mobile number 0772 262 486.