Prominent Zambian politician Joseph Kalimbwe from the ruling party, United Party for National Development (UPND) says he has been invited several times by ZANU-PF members to visit, but turned the invitations down over their party’s human rights record.

Kalimbwe says he has witnessed Zambia being destroyed by an oppressive regime and would never dine with members from such administrations.

“ZANU-PF members have invited me several times to visit, I have never taken the offers.

“I have seen my Zambia being destroyed by failed & oppressive regimes.

“I will never sit on the table with oppressors. Your Ghanaian people in Kumasi & Tamale struggle, you took the offer!”

Kalimbwe despite hailing from a party in power, has vowed to oppose fellow ruling parties in the region and Africa at large as long as they are oppressive.

He has since been a thorn in the flesh of ZANU-PF, at one point the Zimbabwean ruling party reportedly tried to convince their Zambian counterpart UPND to reprimand Kalimbwe.