The MDC is ready to have real dialogue with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, MDC vice president, Tendai Biti has said.

Writing on microblogging site Twitter, Biti said that the country needs dialogue and healing and that the MDC will give dialogue a chance. Wrote Biti:

It was indeed sad sending off for Vimbayi and we are indebted to the thousands who paid their respects.

The church service at the City Sports displayed the huge scars of a tortured society. The country needs dialogue and healing. As MDC we will give dialogue a chance.

While both Mnangagwa and the MDC have expressed willingness to talk, the two sides are poles apart on what to talk about and how.

The MDC wants the dialogue to be centered on issues to do with Mnangagwa’s legitimacy meanwhile Zanu-PF has remained adamant arguing that dialogue is not the same thing with power-sharing negotiations.