Langalakhe Zwane is a South African actor popular for his role Macingwane on Imbewu. Probably one of the most famous actors as he is Morgan Freeman’s lookalike, Zwane is attracting a huge fan base. With fame comes curiosity and masses wonder who he is in reality. Let us find out more in Langalakhe Zwane Biography: Age, Career, Wife, Cars, Net Worth, Imbewu.

Profile Summary

Full Name: Langalakhe Zwane

Age: 64 years

Birthday; 26 May 1958

Birthplace: Durban, KZN

Profession: Actor, Radio Presenter

Net Worth: R500 000

How does Langalakhe Zwane’s career start?

Starting off as a Radio Presenter at Ukhozi FM, Zwane joins television after decades of working on radio. He lands his first cameo role on Imbewu in 2020, playing Macingwane.

That same year, he bags another cameo role on Uzalo playing Mangethe. The actor’s looks have worked in his favor as he looks like Morgan Freeman. A Kenyan company casts him for a commercial as they wanted someone with features like the American actor.

What is Langalakhe Zwane’s role on Imbewu?

Bringing to life the character of Macingwane, the actor executes his role flawlessly. He is the Bhengu’s go to Sangoma and whatever he says goes.

Does Langalakhe Zwane have a wife?

Despite not flaunting his love life, his daughter and grandkids are proof that he has a wife. His relationship status however remains under wraps and fans can only speculate if the actor is still married or not.

What cars does Langalakhe Zwane drive?

It goes without saying that the actor has had a lucrative career as his lifestyle speaks for itself. Zwane owns a Ford Ranger and a Mercedes with customized number plates and his fans are here for it.

What is Langalakhe Zwane’s Net Worth?

From his radio career and acting gigs, the actor is making a handsome dollar. Worth R500 000, Zwane is definitely in his bag.


Source: Savanna News