Campion Marowa aged 35 who allegedly shota 22-year old female Zupco conductor, Joyce Kuzhumbwa, in a suspected robbery attempt has been arraigned before the court charged with murder. He was remanded in custody to the 30th of September.

The suspect is alleged to have snatched her bag of fare money.

Police recovered a 38 Astra Revolver and two spent cartridges.

Marowa  reportedly gunned down a 22-year-old woman conductor on a Zupco-franchised bus at Kadada Shops in Dzivarasekwa 4 in the capital on Monday

He was arrested on Tuesday, only a few hours after the incident by CID Homicide detectives in Harare.

The conductor, Joyce Kuzhumbwa started work on July 1 last year for Lofombo Buses operating under the Zupco franchise.