Over 500 Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers were fired  in 2015 after they were caught taking bribes and stealing from motorists at roadblocks, Home Affairs Minister,Ignatius Chombo has revealed.

Chombo spoke about rampant police corruption when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development today.

He also threatened to deal with any police officers caught taking money from the public;

“We will not hesitate to deal with rogue elements who indulge in fraudulent activities and earn the force a bad name,” he said.

Chombo was reminded by legislators that there are too many roadblocks  in Zimbabwe causing a lot of inconvenience to road users.

This has been sited as one of the reasons why it has now become so difficult to do business in Zimbabwe

According to Zimbabwe law, police should put up roadblocks at a distance of no less than 10km apart.