In a show of desperation that could best explain the magnitude of the appetite to expeditiously rescusitate the perennially defunct Ziscosteel, impeccable sources have told Zwnews that top management at the Redcliff-based company last Friday held a secretive traditional ceremony graced by a prominent sangoma that is aimed at overturning the fortunes of the fallen steel giant.

According to sources privy to the goings-on, the cultural ceremony held on Friday was preceded by the brewing of traditional beer at Cactus Dam located on the south-western side of Redcliff town.

Spiritual leader, a one Muponda reportedly presided over the traditional ceremony as pressure continues to mount on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe Government to bring sanity to the steel producing giant.

“The desperation has now reached alarming levels and former employees were summoned to attend the ceremony. Initially, they had decided that the traditional beer be brewed at the Green Dam, near the ZISCO plant but their n’anga, Muponda said a bigger dam was what the spirits had ordered and they ended up settling for Cactus Dam,” a source told this publication.

“This is actually not the first time that management has decided to take the spiritual route in order to revival ZISCO. At one time, they visited Chief Ntabeni to brief him over the matter but he warned them against doing so,” said the source.

Once revered as a powerhouse in Africa, Ziscosteel has now become a pale shadow of its former self and efforts to rescusitate the company have continued to hit a brick wall.

At the time of publishing, no official comment could be obtained from the company’s management.

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