Art seems to be mimicking TV actress Zinhle Ngwenya who plays the role of a prophetess on eTV telenova House of Zwide. She opens up about her messy seperation with Tendai Ndoro, being a sangoma in real life, healing people and casting spells on bad people.


A qualified Nursing Sister and Midwife, Ngwenya says it wasn’t easy for her to accept her calling at first.

“Like any other young person, at first I was in denial and ashamed. Then when I started getting sick out of the blue, I knew it was something serious, but we had no clue what was happening to me,” says Ngwenya. In denial, Ngwenya said she did her degree in nursing and went on with her studies at medical school where she was trained as a midwife. “I was still in denial until weird things started happening to me. “I’ll prepare for a holiday trip, book my flight, and then out of nowhere, I’d be blind. After cancelling the trip, my eyesight would be restored,” she says.

She eventually ended up going to the initiation school (ukuthwasa) in Mozambique at a place called Mamboni where she went through the spiritual and herbal training.


Ngwenya, who was married to  Zimbabwe and former Orlando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro, says she had been accused of bewitching her former husband after their divorce. The  former soccer player was followed by a string of misfortunes after their divorce. He lost his home, cars and money after playing in Asia after leaving Pirates. Many fingers pointed at Ngwenya for Ndoro’s woes. She says she is not easily moved by rumours and people’s opinions. She says her only focus was to raise her daughter. “My child has always been my priority and I’m not bitter. I don’t misuse my powers to get back at people,” she adds.