The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) says the examination paper leakages which is dogging the country’s education sector is emerging from the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) and not schools as believed.

(ARTUZ) says since the localisation of the public exams, leaking has been rampant.

“In 2022 we did a paper,” Exam leakages, the scourge upon our education system: Quo Vadis? We stated that the major leakages are happening at ZIMSEC not in schools.

“ZIMSEC & Parly accused schools as source of leakages. Now soft copies of papers are being sold, how are schools involved,” says ARTUZ.

Last year, ZIMSEC came under after some examination papers were leaked.

Critics said there was potential, especially with modern digital technology, for the leak to be an electronic leak of the digital file of a paper, which would point all the way to ZIMSEC offices.

National Association of Secondary Heads chair Arthur Maphosa said it was disheartening to hear of the leaked exams after the hard work schools, teachers and candidates put into these examinations.

“It is sad that after all the time we take preparing learners and you just hear of these leakages. You just feel sorry for the learners, teachers and parents. It is bad and it needs to end,” he said at the time.