Political commentator Dr Wurayayi Zembe says the country’s Constitution which was produced in 2013 is an instrument for dictatorship.

“Current ZANU PF engineered arbitrary recalls of CCC MPs & councillors provide clear evidence that Robert Mugabe 2013 Act is not a people’s Constitution but an instrument for dictatorship, disorder & destabilization in Zimbabwe,” he says.

Posting on his X handle (formerly Twitter) Zembe adds that the country needs a people’s Constitution.

“Our country needs a citizens’ democratic Constitution,” he says.

Apparently, Zembe is on record saying the country does not have a people’s parliament:

“Zimbabwe does not have a people’s parliament. Jacob Mudenda-Zanupf’s VIOLENT illegitimate institution of dictatorship must be abolished forthwith.Democracy & dictatorship are opposites, they repel. Electoral& Constitutional Liberation Struggle for democratic elections is the way.

“Messrs Jacob Mudenda, Ziyambi Ziyambi, Chris Mutsvangwa & Pupurai Togarepi your parliament is illegitimate because it was born out of oppressive bogus elections held by your party & government on 23 August 2023.

“Your illegitimate parliament must be dismantled forthwith for genuine elections to be held in Zimbabwe,” he says.

Zimbabwe wrote the current Constitution in 2013, replacing the one born from the Lancaster House political settlement.