The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) says it is planning to raise funds by allowing hunters to shoot 500 elephants at a fee of up to US$70 000 each.

Elephants are mainly hunted for ivory, meat, hides and other by-products.

ZimParks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo explained that the upkeep of game reserves requires a lot of money.

The ZimParks are the custodians of national parks in the country, most of them offering natural beauty and truly spectacular landscapes.

Some of the best destinations for those who love hiking, beautiful scenery, fishing, picnic spots, and hunting among others.

Meanwhile, the authority had been struggling with the upkeeping some of these holiday sites, and it is believed that the envisaged hunting of elephants will go a long way in providing ZimParks with the much need funds.

At some point, the wildlife authority had to auction various tourist attraction centres saying it was, lacking financial resources to develop them.

The sites to which were earmarked for auctioning were dotted around the country and are commonly referred to as photographic sites.

“An auction will be conducted in Harare and will open to the public. “This is meant to auction photographic sites that are available in the land managed by Zimparks.

“These photographic sites will enable private investors to develop tourism facilities,” said the authority at the time.