Chief Justice Luke Malaba

Norton Independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says the country’s judiciary is now part of the problem bedeviling the country.

“The case of Hon Job Sikhala and Hon Sithole and the Nyatsime 16 has underlined unequivocally how the judiciary is now part of the problem in this country.

“The situation was already abnormal but it has just gotten worse,” says Mliswa.

He adds that it’s one thing politically grandstanding, but says when the action amounts to supporting the undermining and abuse of state institutions it becomes an existential threat to the state of the nation.

“When the last platform for arbitration becomes corrupted and unable to deliver justice it becomes a national security risk.

“There is need to support the arrested members and not sanitise the injustice by creating unnecessary conspiracies about power struggles in the opposition.

“Where an injustice is happening we have to speak out. There is no boundary just because someone is from the opposition. We are all Zimbabweans.”

Meanwhile, commenting the continued detention of Sikhala and others, former ZANU-PF MP for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says it was being caused by ruling party bigwigs who want to trigger countrywide protests in an attempt to stop the ruling party’s Congress.

“Who is behind Job Sikhala’s continued stay at Chikurubi prison, factionalism at play guys, they want demonstrations in the whole Country before a certain congress, kuti maths dzavo dzigobuda pakaipa, please leave me alone handina Party kana munhu wandareva ne zita except Sikhala,” he says.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is reportedly afraid of the Congress as he fears losing power to his deputy Constantino Chiwenga.