Exiled former minister and Generation 40 leader, Saviour Kasukuwere says dangerous speculators are now getting platinum concessions in Zimbabwe.

He the country’s future is doomed.

“As a Zimbabwean, I have to bring this to the attention of all men of goodwill and nationals that, we have a problem.

“Let’s be favoured with who in the past 4 years have been awarded platinum concessions,” he says.

Kasuwere adds that platinum, nickel, lithium are strategic minerals.

“The future depends on them and our nation is endowed. I am distressed with the way these concessions are being allocated.

“This is a total disaster. Min Chitando, please stop this! Platinum can’t be handled in this way,” says Kasukuwere.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwean minerals have over the years been looted, amid rampant smuggling.